Carrie and Blame…

‘It wasn’t me’ – the words of a popular 90s song seem to get everywhere. They have been burning in my ears since starting the academy. It seems the well versed even have many alternatives ‘it’s not my area’, ‘it wasn’t my job to say anything’ & ‘I just assumed it would be covered’.

It is so easy to blame. The organisations, the government, family, friends, the system – there is an endless list.

Since starting the Academy there is one pertinent question:

 ‘So what are you going to do about it’?

Penny Ferguson spoke to us on day 2 of our Marketing Academy Bootcamp about ‘being the change you want to see’. I have already re-written and used that quote many times, which is a sure-fire demonstration it will stick with me for life. The backbone of part of her course was about responsibility. The crux being that as individuals we must take responsibility for our actions and decisions. It seems so simple doesn’t it? Blaming someone or something is passing on that responsibility. It can no longer be a process issue if we as individuals do not call it out and try to make a difference. That organisation you are a part of is now the vehicle for you to drive change. Put simply, taking responsibility for how you behave will be a demonstration to others of what is possible. 

It is already working for me and is a powerful way to excite and engage others. Let’s stop the blame and start making a difference.



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2 Responses to Carrie and Blame…

  1. Deborah Osman says:

    Agree totally – I believe you get much more respect and support if you take it on your own shoulders, even if sometimes you know its not anything to do with you. Staff issues can so often be resolved with – I am sorry I must have mis-communicated!!!!!

  2. Lucie says:

    Some great advice there. And something that Cilla Snowball echoed in my first mentoring session too. Once I finally get around to writing up a post, I’ll share her other pearls of wisdom too!

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