Bev rethinks her approach to creative briefs

For those of you client side, you may remember those first training sessions we had on how to brief an agency. The dos, do nots, best way to work etc. Then how we developed working relations to become part of the same team, sharing visions and best practice to achieve stronger creative that delivers better results.

I had my mentoring session with Elizabeth McGregor, UK Marketing Director at Energizer on Friday. Elizabeth gave me some food for thought which made me rethink my thought process when briefing work to creative agencies.

What is the one thing we must do when composing a brief?
Be really clear and specific with what you are trying to achieve and let the agency get creative!
Simple heh?

I overlay Elizabeth’s advice with my previous blog. Do I take the time to REALLY think and be clear on what I want from the campaign? At the end of the day it is THAT campaign that drives sales and profitability to the business.

Am I doing this? My answer would be, could do better. As Carrie alluded to in her blog, what am I going to do to take responsibility?
1. Take more time to think things through when composing my brief. Then when I think it is there, take a bit more time.
2. Engage even more with agencies. Do they have everything they need from me? Do I need to revisit the brief?
3. Sense check, is it really clear what I am asking the campaign to achieve?
4. Ask agencies for more feedback. What do they need from me to enable them to be the best they can possibly be?

Thanks Elizabeth for sharing this with me and taking the time to support The Marketing Academy.

I will keep you updated re my experiences!


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2 Responses to Bev rethinks her approach to creative briefs

  1. carrie1983 says:

    That is so true Bev….
    I used to find myself getting caught up in how everyone else was briefing but not really brining me to the equation – I guess being more persona than character in ‘how to behave as a client’. I try to think about the one thing I want but also think about how I want the agency to feel when they leave the room.

  2. vickimcivor says:

    I think your bit about learning how to be a client is so true. From a clients point of view I always find it is hard to not get caught up in it all when you have to watch budgets and it is your neck on the line with the boss if it goes wrong. After reading this I will be sure to make a concious effort to make sure I behave how a client should.

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