Carrie gets her dream job thanks to Katherine Tulpa

Katherine Tulpa is my professional coach – we have all been given a coach to help us learn and grow over the next year. Put simply, I believe Katherine is the best coach I could ever have wished for. This must be thanks to the time taken by The Marketing Academy to match us because she really is quite a legend. We were talking about inspiration yesterday and she told me something I think is really powerful. Just go into work imagining you are in the position you want to be.  Obviously not by literally slumping yourself at your CEO’s desk or flying to the US to take up the CMO post – but in mentality. Doing so really changes the way you behave. So many seem to leave the inspiration to those in such positions, this idea makes us all responsible (& you already know that is a big trend in all of our progress!).

Over and out for now but I meet Sue Farr on Tuesday so watch this space!


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2 Responses to Carrie gets her dream job thanks to Katherine Tulpa

  1. luciebartlett says:

    Couldn’t agree more Carrie. I’ve actually been trying this out over the last couple of months and it’s really improved my confidence levels no end. It can start from the smallest thing – dressing the part, investing in a decent pen and day-book (thank you Philip Mehl and Cilla Snowball respectively for those tips) – and suddenly you find yourself with the mentality to take on the world.

  2. vickimcivor says:

    I have been doing something similar, ‘being the person I want to be’ and have seen really positive results.

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