Carrie bounces home thanks to the remarkable Sue Farr

Remarkable is a great word and there are really not many people who fall into that category for me. Sue Farr is surely one of them.

 My blogs are generally taking the form of nuggets of advice that I hope will ‘pay it forward’. I don’t think I could ever do either of the sessions, or individuals, justice  – so nuggets it is….

 ‘The squeaky wheel gets the oil’

Do not be annoying but find the balance of restlessness, focus and desire for change. Then without becoming a frustration, do not be afraid to think of how your organisation can best grow you, as it would a brand. Then keep asking, of course in the right way…but do make sure you keep asking.

 ‘Do not underestimate the address book’

Conversations spark conversations that lead to conversations – Forget where they happen, they will happen if you keep filling the bucket.  Things don’t happen by accident so be passionately curious about developing yourself and put yourself in situations where you will learn & grow. These situations will introduce you to people and help drive your conversation capital.

 When in doubt follow the 5 rule

Keep your ammunition for when you need it by following the 5 rule. Think about how you will feel about the disappointment you may be experiencing(or general emotion) in 5 seconds, 5 minutes, 5 hours, 5 weeks, 5 months or even 5 years. It puts things in perspective and saves the ammo for the big battles.

 Words cannot describe the passion, energy and remarkable nature of Sue – a truly deserving queen of marketing who I am privileged to have met. Thank you Marketing Academy – I owe you big time!!!


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One Response to Carrie bounces home thanks to the remarkable Sue Farr

  1. luciebartlett says:

    Thanks so much for sharing Carrie – loved the squeaky wheel anology, and also the emphasis on ‘conversation capital’. I’m still learning the importance of that – especially in the world of PR where conversations and contacts are the life-blood of the industry. Also, just checked out Sue’s profile – what an amazing set of achievements. Impressive stuff.

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