The journey Bev has taken with her vision

I had a fantastic session with my personal coach, Ruth Smith from PM Management Consultant plc today which has definitely set me up for the rest of the Marketing Academy and beyond. At Bootcamp, we were asked to start to think about our vision. The question was, where would we be in 10 years time? At the time I really had no idea and naively thought I could create one and ‘tick the box’ in just a weeks. How wrong I was!!

When I first met Ruth, I was frustrated that I couldn’t easily describe my vision in the detail that would work for me. I had a rough idea, but wasn’t really sure where it was heading. I had spent time thinking things through but had just reached a block.

Three face to face sessions later and three months down the line my vision couldn’t be clearer! Ruth has really helped me to challenge myself and my thought process. Ruth’s natural ability to listen, empathise and support me on my journey has been amazing. I have now unlocked things about myself that I just hadn’t thought through. All of the above I couldn’t have done without Ruth’s support.  Many thanks Ruth.

So what I have discovered?

1. You can’t come up with your vision overnight and yes it will continue to change!

2. You can’t create your vision without people around you- friends, family, colleagues, mentors and coaches, to truly unlock your potential


About Bev Ridyard

Put simply it's all about marketing, people and making a difference through positive change!
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