James on keeping your word

Moleskine entry: August 26th, 2010

I’m writing this to you from somewhere over Hannover, Germany. Today’s date (at the time of writing at least) is August 26th.

Last night, over dinner, fellow scholar – Carrie Osman – made me promise that I would finally put virtual pen to e-paper and deliver a blog post for the Marketing Academy. The first of many more over the months ahead.

I made a promise and I’m keeping it.

Why Hannover? Business. Throughout the Academy we have all met some super-smart people and, if we take nothing else away from this experience, then the value of this new network will be worth it alone.

So today (not today but August 26th, when I wrote this – remember?) Carrie and I have been in a workshop together, constructing some new ways of thinking and working together that hopefully will benefit both of us.

When someone asked us at the end of the day ‘What process should we use to keep this strategy up to date?’ we replied ‘Simple. Say you’re going to do something, then do it.’

Keep your promises.
Keep your word.


About James Whatley

James is a complete and total mobile geek who works too hard and really should close his laptop once in a while...
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