Vicki learns the importance of confidence

Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting Deborah Dolce, Senior Vice President, Director of Brand & Business Development at TJX Europe, for those of you not in the know TJX is the company that owns the well known high street brand TK Maxx. It was a really valuable mentoring session from a truely inspirational lady. I learnt many things from our session however, the main theme that I took away was the importance of confidence in being a great leader.

A good leader has the confidence to:

  • show vulnerability
  • stand by ones convictions
  • say when they are wrong
  • make a few sacrifices along the way when needed
  • take a risk and trust your instinct
  • be honest when someone isn’t performing properly
  • not need to try to make your team like you (it is more important they respect you professionally)
  • ask for help from your network
  • make mistakes. It means that you are probably doing your job properly

I have to say from the leaders I have been fortunate to meet I am inclined to agree that this must be one of the key characteristics of a truely inspiring leader, and I have to say Deborah Dolce was one such leader and a fantastic mentor.


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One Response to Vicki learns the importance of confidence

  1. whatleydude says:

    Love this post. Good job.

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