Bev’s new mantra… Keep learning, test and connect

These three areas have been mightily powerful themes that have consistently ‘stuck’ since boot camp and here’s why.

Keep Learning

The more you learn, the more informed you are and the better and more confident decisions can be made.  We all know that right?  Question is, what do we do to become more informed?  Phil Rumbol talked about never being afraid to learn more, especially from those around you.  My coach, Ruth Smith, is great at suggesting books to read to expand my knowledge.  Robin S Sharma believes the answers to most questions can be found in a book.  For me, reading can also good for bringing a little perspective and calm to the hectic world we live in.


The transformational stuff is great to achieve but the transactional stuff should not be under estimated.  Russell Sutton from ConversionWorks proved this with his test-and-learn approach to websites to REALLY drive huge increases to revenue.  And guess what?  This doesn’t need to cost the earth.


It’s true, there is no ‘I’ in team.  Major General Arthur Denaro knew the names of his entire troop and spoke with them on a regular basis.  Adjiedj Bakas too spoke how important it is for Marketeers to collaborate with others across industries.  Penny Ferguson reminded us of the qualities of inspirational leader.  All of which drives my passionate belief that showing interest in other people, asking questions and bringing colleagues in should be at the heart of every marketing (well ALL departments) function.  Connecting is powerful.

And do you know what I love?

To learn, test and connect is easy and simple to do.  Take as much or as little as you want but the outcome can be great indeed.


About Bev Ridyard

Put simply it's all about marketing, people and making a difference through positive change!
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