Bev’s take on The Annual conference? It’s all about people, keeping it simple and delivering!

If I can summarise any presentation in one sentence, the absolute key thing to take away, it is more likely to stick.

So, here’s a few of my interpreted one liner’s from the vast array of AMAZING speakers at last weeks the Annual conference, hosted by Marketing Week.  (Thanks to Mark Choueke and the team at Marketing Week for the invites to all scholars on the Academy, greatly appreciated, what a fantastic event)

1. Love your bank at last… – Anthony Thomson (Metrobank)

‘Hire for attitude and train for skills’

2. The journey of a rebrand and how it can change an entire marketing strategy – Amanda Mackenzie (Aviva)

‘Don’t just present the research, go in with the solution’

3. Understand how to get traction for your ideas… – Syl Saller (Diageo)

‘We don’t launch a product until everyone from the CEO to Sales get it’

4. What does the successful global model of the future look like… – Daryl Fielding (Kraft)

‘Brands must connect to popular culture – connect with what customers already connect with’

5. Ten lessons of brand management – Mark Ritson (Marketing Week)

‘Describe your brand in four words MAX!’

6. How to create and build brand love – Paul Dickinson (Virgin Atlantic)

‘Select the best people and bring personality into the business’

7. Simple innovation increased footfall and revenue… – Emma Woods (Pizza Express)

‘Just go with your gut and run with an idea’

8. The consumer manifesto’ and the new rules of engagement – Babs Rangaiah (Unilever)

‘Why do we over complicate everything?  Makes things easier for us (the customer)’

So, my take on the above:

–          It’s all about people

–          Keep it simple

–          Just deliver!


About Bev Ridyard

Put simply it's all about marketing, people and making a difference through positive change!
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