Estelle meets a blind man with amazing vision

I met a very inspiring man the other day, who presented at one of our Unilever events.  His name is Miles Hilton-Barber and after going blind many years ago, has gone on to achieve some amazing things with a fantastic spirit and great sense of humour. A truly inspirational guy who is living proof that its all about your attitude – you can achieve anything if you have the right mindset. He is very much living many of the principles that Penny taught us at Bootcamp about  how you can only control yourself, not the situation around you.  After his tales about how he made it possible to fly fighter planes, fly a microlite from the UK to Australia, set world records, succeed in many  adventures and set lap records on formula 1 circuits (all blind), you really realise that you can achieve anything if you have the right attitude.  A few of my favourite quotes of his:

– Fear: false evidence appearing real. 

– Start with your dream.  Make a decision to follow it. Plan.  Persevere

– All achievers are dreamers. But not all dreamers are achievers.

– Recycling is great for cardboard, but don’t recycle yourself.  Try new things, don’t recycle the same thing over & over!

– The only limits are those we impose on ourselves

If anyone has the chance to see him speak, I would highly recommend him – I ll guarantee he will have you walking out the room with a spring in your step,  1 step closer to your dreams!

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