Melanie gets high tech with Mr Facebook Europe – Christian Hernandez

Wow what an intense 1.5 hours I had with Mr Christian Hernandez.

Think American MBA man, from San Salvador, with the fully high tech specialism. Not for the lighthearted. And I mean this in the kindest possible way. I walked out of the 1.5 hours feeling like I just got off a great ride. Concentration hat mandatory.

I say this because of the amount I learned in such a short time. Everything from European business growth strategies, and career development decisions, through to new tech developments on the WWW…. As  a starter I have now joined BBC Iplayer and can see what shows my Facebook friends ‘Like’.

One question I posed on him was ‘the next big thing.’ I plan to start my own agency in Oz one day soon so I thought I would take this opportunity to ask such a forward thinking intellect where he saw the world heading in terms of communication. His answer was succint. Identity. And he referred to the scene in the Minority Report when John goes shopping and everything on offer is tailored to exactly his needs…. a crazy and interesting discussion. But highly likely.

So thank you Christian for a fulfilling 1.5 hours. Much enjoyed.


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