Providing positive feedback leaves Bev feeling warm, despite the weather….

It may be snowing but I have a warm feeling inside…..

The time has come for me to renew my car insurance, oh the joys! After completing my research I decided to stick with my current provider, Admiral. Why? The customer service I received was second to none.

Although I’ve never worked in a call centre, I have spent a lot of time working with call centres throughout my career. I know it can be a tough job and hats off to those that provide such an excellent service. So, back to my experience… two phone calls to two different agents with perfect customer service. How did they achieve this? Empathy, professionalism, friendliness and above all consistency. I was mightily impressed.

I decided to take the time to feed this back to Admiral. I have since received an email to say both agents will be recognised for their great service. It feels nice to know that these guys will be rewarded for their hard work and efforts. The importance of feedback (or feedforward as we like to call it) is SO important. I’ve had a chance to sit and wonder how these guys will feel when they get this message….

So, I leave you with a question… When was the last time you said thank you/provided positive feedback to someone who has done a really good job? How do you think this will make them feel?

If only we could switch the old marketing rule…. For every bad customer service experience, a customer will tell 8-10 people.   Just imagine the benefits.


About Bev Ridyard

Put simply it's all about marketing, people and making a difference through positive change!
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