Melanie Portelli meets Mark Lund.

I had the opportunity to meet Mark Lund through the Scholarship. This is a testament to what priceless opportunities the Academy really does provide. Mark Lund is the CEO of COI- the organisation that manages most Government communications. Quite exciting given my role in new business!

I was a little nervous about this mentoring session. Mainly because I know that COI is likely to review their roster this year so I was representing the agency in some ways. As soon as I walked into the office though I relaxed. The ‘formal’ questions were thrown to the side and he wanted to know all about me, my career to date and ambitions for the future.

It’s no secret that one day I plan on starting a communications company back in Australia. A future proof model that makes happy clients + happy agency folk. Given how Mark started DLKW, I was given an insight into the start up world. I know now more then ever that finding the right partners is so so important.

One thing I was really interested in discussing was Mark’s fresh perspective on agency world given he is now at COI. He explained the importance of the agency having a really broad perspective- real value added agencies have a POV on the entire business not just communications.

Thank you Mark Lund for a fantastic 1.5 hours. Thoroughly enjoyed.


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