Work hard play hard, by Josh Connell

I took many insights away with me from the boot camp last week. One aspect that particularly interested me was touched on by a number of speakers; that being the similarities between a working and a sporting environment.

Troy Warfield, VP at Kimberly-Clark, spoke of his experiences of team sports and how they’ve shaped the values he works by on a daily basis. Sarah Warby, recently Marketing Director at Heineken, shared her values with us and again directly related work to sport with the message to do your absolute best at all times. A number of inspiring sporting anecdotes were shared during the camp that brought this to life. For example Nick Faldo’s unwavering determination to take his 8 out of 10 swing to a 10 out of 10 swing and the fact that every sporting great achieves repeated success through approximately 10% talent and 90% application.

These examples and the values they demonstrate inspire me to create and deliver ground breaking work and they are also part of my personal brand that I not only work by but live by too.

Lastly, one of the many highlights of Major General Arthur Denaro’s presentation was the focus on ‘caring’ as a key part of leadership. I believe this is something that a sporting leader has to have in their leadership skill set in order to get the best out of their team. But it’s something the working world can definitely improve on; as it’s the hand on the shoulder, the quick word on the sideline and the recognition in a team talk that can often have a dramatic effect on individual and team performance.

Thanks to all the speakers who gave their time at boot camp 2.0 and thanks to Sherilyn, Camilla and Michaela for putting on such an amazing 3 days. Bring on boot camp 3.0!

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