The top tips I took from Bootcamp, by Mark Paterson

Bootcamp was brilliant.  Impossible to capture it all in a blog but thought good to share the top tip I took from each speaker.  To make the blog mildly more interesting I suggest you read out the name of each speaker in your head as if you were the voice over guy from X-Factor.  Great fun. (Personally think Andy Lopata works particularly well).

Andy Lopata – Networking Guru: If you’ve got a problem share it.  The posh expression taking off in America for this is ‘Masterminding’.  Andy did it and it changed the course of his business.  We did it in groups and it was awesome.  But easy to forget to use it at work – Often too busy sharing answers!  Tried it at work and it really work and was incredibly efficient.

Troy Warfield – Vice-President, Family Care, Europe Kimberly-Clarke: Shared a great example of best in class FMCG practise.  He was looking after a category segment in systemic decline.  Rather than figuring out the answer and then telling his customer (Tesco etc) what to do, he worked with customers to identify what the driver of decline were and what could be done with innovation and in store to turn it around.  Kind of like a Masterminding session with Tesco.  Pretty impressive.

Sarah Warby – Heineken UK Marketing Director: Inspiration is hardwork.  Its true when you think about it.  The last 1% of makes it look easy but its only easy because of the previous 99% hardwork wresting with the problem and searching for answers.

Paul Samuels – Senior Vice President, AEG Global Partnerships – Sharing the O2 case study Paul showed how sponsorship can be more than a badge, you can put it at the heart of a brand promise and its service.

Major General Arthur Denaro – You learn early that as a leader people look to you to make the tough decisions.   Also enjoyed his perspective on social media – ‘’Facebook, Twitter… I mean, bloody hell!’’


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