Sing it from the rooftops

Beep beep beep… another post from a scholar. We’re pretty much the only thing on the internet nowadays. Or at least the only thing that warrants full attention. That’s what I like to think, anyway.

Our time as scholars of the Marketing Academy is coming to an end. Come May we’ll be alumni; our hair will grey and we’ll tut at the naive thoughts of the scholars that follow us. ‘Oh, ha’ we’ll giggle, ‘you don’t know the difference between management and leadership. How cute.’

The nominations for the new scholars is open. Everyone loves a free maths test, I’d recommend applying for it. In all seriousness – do apply. It’s been an incredible year. I’ve gained so much from it; we all have. We’ve met some amazing people and heard from some of the proper rock stars of our industry. I’ve had one on one contact with some of the CEOs and CMOs from the biggest companies in the country – News International, Disney, Saatchi & Saatchi, O2… their advice has been invaluable. Not to mention the boot camps, the coaches, the mentors… it’s all ace.

In order to intimidate the potential applicants and assert our superiority early on we’ve made a video. I would like it to be noted that this film was not set up, we actually do spend our hours on roof tops looking moodily out at the London horizon. The cameraman just happened upon us one morning.  We are that bloody wise nowadays. Just out there, considering leadership.

Go on, apply. I promise it will change your life.



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