Bev goes full circle

First and foremost, if you haven’t watched the new Marketing Academy video yet, scroll down to Helen’s post and do that first.  Even if you ‘know’ what the academy is all about, watch it again to refresh your memory.

All done?

A good reminder.   The Marketing Academy is all about passing on learning, knowledge and insight and giving people the best potential start in life.

So… Wow, where did the past two years go?  I have really gone full circle and here is why.

  1.  I had an amazing 2010.  I took advantage of everything Marketing Academy related that I could get my hands on.  I met some amazing people, made some fantastic friends, grew to understand myself in a whole new way and took away leadership and marketing learning’s by the bucket load.  I got married and also was promoted internally to ‘Head of Business Airline Marketing’.  Great stuff!
  2. I had a tougher 2011.  Lots of challenges and a more senior role to contend with but again I took away a shed load more learning and developed an even greater understanding of myself than in 2010, just when I thought I had it all!  Again, my access to The Marketing Academy really helped me to tackle some demons which I would have just hidden away otherwise.  As a result I am now a stronger person.
  3. As I enter year 2012, I really have gone full circle.  I’ve had my Marketing Academy learning from 2010, implemented this in 2011 and am so, so proud to share my 2012 story….

Going back to August last year, I saw an advert in Travel Trade Gazette for a company called Training For Travel who were looking to place young 16-18 year old apprentices in  12 weeks of employment.   Always wanting to give back and share my Marketing Academy experiences, I took on a young lady, Lucy Stott, who seemed to have an interest in marketing.  17 weeks on and Lucy is still with us!  Lucy has progressed so quickly and significantly that Training For Travel have recognized Lucy as one of their outstanding 2011 Apprentices and I am proud to share with you all Lucy’s piece of fame as her story has featured in this week’s Travel Trade Gazette (skip to page 30).

Lucy – I am very proud of you and wish you all the luck in the world!!  I have loved sharing The Marketing Academy with you (and Emma!) and hope you join the community going forward.

Finally, a huge thank you to Sherilyn for sharing and promoting your vision of proving that everyone can be exceptional is so true….


About Bev Ridyard

Put simply it's all about marketing, people and making a difference through positive change!
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