“Showcase Me” – A Before & After by Dan.

Twelve months ago I submitted my Marketing Academy application. I was worried. I thought I had blown my chance of becoming “one of the chosen ones”! For those that are aware of the three part application –  I had a strong nomination, a great employers’ endorsement and a jam-packed CV. My concern was aimed at my “Showcase Me” – a two-minute opportunity to communicate what I wanted the judges to know about me.

So why was I so worried? Well… I submitted a piece of A4 paper, with a few simple sentences, with no colour and no images. Not quite what you would expect from a  high-flying young marketer. I was so nervous and embarrassed that I showed it to nobody.

This is what I submitted.

Showcase Me – A no frills approach – Daniel Chidley

So I was thinking… if I had to submit a “Showcase Me” now, after 9 months of being involved in the amazing Marketing Academy and the unbelievably inspirational people that I have met; what would I produce?

Well… I don’t think it would look a lot different. I am not saying that the academy has not challenged my thinking, inspired me to achieve great things or taken me out of my comfort zone. It is because, when I wrote my showcase, I was being authentic, it was true to my personal brand and it was ME!  Deep down my values and beliefs have not changed. However, the Marketing Academy has enabled me to dig deep and unearth these. I am now able to communicate them with more clarity, conviction and confidence.

So for those completing their applications for a 2012 scholarship, please ask yourself this…

Is it true to your “personal brand”?

If the answer is no – change it.

If the answer is yes – shout about it!

Good luck to you all. It is worth the time and effort that you are putting in and if you are true to yourself, I am sure you will be successful – with or with or without the academy.

PS. I have just realised that my last academy blog post was posted on my own personal account! Please make me feel better by reading it here: http://dachidley.wordpress.com/!!

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One Response to “Showcase Me” – A Before & After by Dan.

  1. cmdasilva says:

    I’m thinking about my showcase me at the mo. I thought yours was genious! Stay true to your roots defo the right advice. Graphitti across a London Bus it is! 😉

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