About the Marketing Academy

‘Inspiring and developing the young talent of today
to become the leaders of tomorrow’

What’s it all about?
The UK has one of the worlds greatest and most expert marketing communities. Our brands and their owners lead in every market in terms of expertise and success. However, there is a growing sense that the leadership skills needed to run these brands and companies successfully are diminishing. The lack of emerging leadership talent has become a significant issue around the board tables of all companies across the UK and remains a real issue of concern for the future competitiveness of our industry and our economy.

The Marketing Hall of Legends (UK) seeks to address this issue. Drawing together all of the major industry bodies, as well as the leading professionals in this field, we have created ‘The Marketing Academy’, a voluntary organisation, which aims to inspire and develop the young marketing talent of today to become the leaders of tomorrow.

Launched in February 2010 The Marketing Academy identifies, nurtures, and develops exceptional British talent in the field of marketing, advertising and communications by gifting up to 30 free ‘Scholarships’, each year, to the industries fastest rising stars. A team of high profile mentors & coaches develop these stars to become the next generation of business leaders through a process of mentoring, coaching, networking and personalised learning.

Furthermore as a vital part of their curriculum all Scholars volunteer at least one day per year to work with charities who need bright young marketing minds. Through our Donate28 initiative the scholars pay forward some of the learning given by mentors, coaches and industry experts to benefit up to 30 charities, not for profit or voluntary organisations.

In addition to the learning provided to the Scholars (who are typically aged between 25 and 32), The Marketing Academy also provides funding for the ‘Academy Apprenticeships’. Working in conjunction with the Prince’s Trust youngsters aged between 18 & 24 will be provided with one year’s work experience in the field of marketing, advertising and communications.

The 12 Month Scholarship Explained
In pursuit of our mission to “inspire and develop the emerging marketing talent of today to become leaders of tomorrow’’ The Marketing Academy has put together a year long leadership development experience for just 30 rising stars from the world of marketing, advertising & communications.

80 mentors, 30 coaches and over 30 organisations are voluntarily providing their time, resources and knowledge to assist in shaping the minds of our future leaders.

The Scholarship programme has been designed to include a powerful combination of mentoring, coaching & learning ‘faculties’ run by some of leading marketing organisations in UK and is delivered via six learning streams.

  • Develop
  • Inspire
  • Guide
  • Teach
  • Collaborate
  • Give

To ensure that the Scholarship Programme creates the greatest impact on his / her development the Scholar is required to dedicate a minimum of 20 days to the programme between May and April of the following year.  Here is a top-line overview of the year long journey for each Scholar:

Stream One: Develop
We have a team of over 80 ‘Mentors’ who are currently leading CEO’s, CMO’s & Directors from the world of marketing, advertising & communications. During the year each Scholar will meet with some of the UK’s most experienced & inspirational marketing leaders, who have each committed their time to the Marketing Academy’s programme. Each Scholar will have face to face sessions with up to 12 mentors, from different sectors, during which the mentors will share their experiences and insight. By way of example a typical Scholar schedule may include one to one time with…

Sally Cowdry, UK Marketing Director, O2
Mark Lund, Founder, Now
Cilla Snowball, Chairman & CEO of AMV Group
Andy Fennell, CMO of Diageo
Helen Kellie, Director of Marketing of BBC Worldwide
Michelle Settle, Marketing Director of Comic Relief
Amanda Mackenzie, CMO of Aviva Group

Stream Two: Inspire
In addition to one to one mentoring each Scholar will be invited to up to 4 ‘Lunch & Learns’ where key figures at the top of UKs most successful businesses will host a lunch for a small group of Scholars. The business leader will share details of their own career journeys, including lessons learnt along the way with the purpose of inspiring the Scholars to strive for future success. By way of example Scholars may attend lunches hosted by…

Gavin Patterson, CEO of BT Retail
Martin Glenn, CEO of Birds Eye
Carolyn McCall, CEO of easyJet
Stephen Miron, CEO of Global Radio
Moray MacLennan, Worldwide CEO of M&C Saatchi

Stream Three: Guide
Each Scholar has the privilege of 12 months input from one of a team of 30 professional leadership Coaches. The coaching programme has been designed for the Marketing Academy by our partners Wisdom8 and the Association of Coaches. During a year long relationship each coach will provide each Scholar with a critical sounding board plus challenge and facilitate the Scholars thinking and development.

Stream Four: Teach
The Scholarship includes exposure to and knowledge sharing with some of the UKs leading companies from across a variety of marketing disciplines such as: marketing strategy, brand management, advertising, creative, design, public relations, digital and direct marketing. Each ‘Faculty’ is run by expert organisations who each provide at least one day learning programmes and include; Google, Brand Learning, Albion, Millward Brown, JKR, Fallon,  PHD, The Living Leader to name just a few.

Stream Five: Collaborate
There are three Marketing Academy ‘Boot Camps’ scheduled throughout the year attended by all of the Scholars. The Scholars share learning, insight, experience and expertise, forging relationships which will last long beyond the Scholarship year. During the first 3 day Boot Camp they undergo a highly impactful leadership development programme delivered by our partners The Living Leader which will provide the foundation for the remainder of their year. They are also guided through a process that will stimulate their thinking about their development in the context of the upcoming year in order to achieve their future leadership vision. The remaining Boot Camps are packed with inspirational speakers, Faculty learning days and feedback sessions.

Stream Six: Give
In return for the Scholarship each Scholar is invited to gift a minimum of one day of their personal time to working with one of our 30 chosen charities with the purpose of ‘paying forward’ their own marketing knowledge and experience. This element of the Scholarship entitled Donate28 will make a big difference to each Scholar’s marketing leadership and will leave a significant mark on many organisations. The matching of Scholars to their charities is conducted by our partners Media Trust and the FSI.

We also Share: The Merlin lectures
These lectures have been designed to open some of The Marketing Academy’s teaching’s to a wider audience than just our Scholars. The Merlin Lectures are hosted by inspirational speakers from around the world who are committed to spreading their knowledge to the UK’s marketers and future business leaders. Between 50 and 200 delegates are invited to each lecture and include Scholarship nominees, Academy Scholars & their employers, Academy mentors and their employees, our Partners and followers of The Marketing Academy social networks.

For more information, see http://www.themarketingacademy.org.uk