Round 2, 3 Key Learnings from meeting Ita Murphy

Meeting Ita Murphy, Managing Director, MindShare

My session with Ita was very structured and she struck me as a formidable person. I could see why she had risen to be the Managing Director of Mindshare. She is extremely driven and came across as having a great grasp for the bigger picture and what is needed alongside what has made Mindshare one of the best companies to work for as part of the Times 100.

My 3 key learnings and take aways included:

1. Network now for the job you want in 5 years time.

2. Get clients to love you think from their perspective.

3. Have a cup of tea and listen to people – it is often through the listening that the real difference can be made.

We spoke about a wide range of topics but 2 key stories that stayed with me included one around Transactional Analysis where often in work and in our lives we fall into the trap of I’m Okay – You’re not Okay where we play into Parent / Adult Child relationships when we are more often in an Adult / Adult relationship and the best place to be is I’m okay and your okay.

See here for more information about the model:

The other story that was shared included a situation relating to how people feel and how we often have a habit of believing things are worse than they are. A useful question that can be asked is on a scale of 1 to 10 how bad is it? Often on reflection a situation can be built up to be something that it isn’t and the question helps provide a bit of perspective. Is it really that bad?

Conversely using the same metrics and powerful and useful question what 3 things can I do today to make my day a 10/10 great day? Focusing on these things that can really make a difference can provide the clarity as to what’s needed to be successful whatever it is we do or want.

As part of the role of the Marketing Academy to help create leaders it was Ita’s words that reflected that it isn’t necessarily what she does as a leader but really the importance is how many leaders she helps create. The Marketing Academy is really leadership in action. A big thank you to Ita for helping me on my leadership journey.


About James Eder

James Eder is the Founder of The Beans Group which helps brands and agencies understand, access and engage with young people. The Beans Group’s flagship website is, which provides unique offers, entertainment and money saving advice for university students. has signed up over 1 million registered users since launching in 2005 and every month +2.5 million students visit the website. We have also expanded to create, focusing on life after university. James became one of the youngest entrepreneurs in the UK when he founded the business at the age of 22, two weeks before graduating from university. Encouraging the next generation of entrepreneurs, James is an ambassador for Startup Loans. James is also a frequent speaker at conferences, schools and universities across the UK and internationally on subjects including marketing, entrepreneurship and establishing a successful brand. This also includes James being a guest lecturer at the University of Birmingham. In May 2012 out of 500 people James was selected as part of a group of 30 as a Marketing Academy Scholar. James is passionate about continually learning and giving back always on the lookout for people to join the ever growing team, now over 35 people based in North West London.
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