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Bracknell The Centre of my World – Serendipity strikes again

During the session I ran at Marketing Week Live as part of my session I asked for a Volunteer. The person who volunteered it turns out worked for Hewlett Packard. After my presentation we spoke and she asked me if … Continue reading

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A year on and back to the beginning…first up Steven Overman from Nokia

So after my first few posts a lot of reflection and a year on I’m going back to the beginning to share my experiences and shed at least some light on what it’s all been about! First things first! So … Continue reading

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Why you can’t afford not to Nominate your emerging talent for the Marketing Academy

While at a recent and absolutely brilliant Merlin lecture by Richard Jolly, I met some potential future scholars who said that they really wanted to be part of the Academy and felt they had the potential, which was great to … Continue reading

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Why Stuart Baggs “the brand” didn’t have it completely wrong

Now admittedly Stuart Baggs “the brand” (from The Apprentice) was a bit of a wally, and that is putting it mildly, but he was right about one thing. He is a brand. As we all are. This was one of … Continue reading

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Grabbing it by the ball ponds

The Marketing Academy introduces the scholars as ‘the future leaders of tomorrow’. Blimey. No pressure there then. It’s been an interesting journey since hearing that line; it’s quite easy to see how our thoughts on the definition of this terrifying … Continue reading

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Paying it Forward: The Marketing Academy Ethos

From day one of being part the fantastic family that is the Marketing Academy, the  definitions of leadership that we are all aiming to aspire to are: A leader leaves their mark of outstanding leadership not just by their own … Continue reading

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Work hard play hard, by Josh Connell

I took many insights away with me from the boot camp last week. One aspect that particularly interested me was touched on by a number of speakers; that being the similarities between a working and a sporting environment. Troy Warfield, … Continue reading

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The Marketing Academy powers on – a scholarly look at Boot Camp 2.0

11pm, Wednesday night. A bit of Magic FM. Perfect soul food for a sentimental, yet objective, look back at Boot Camp 2 of the Marketing Academy.  It’s only a matter of hours since I departed the green utopic land that … Continue reading

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Not your average Monday – lunch with Carolyn McCall

Monday monring – July 4th 2011. Munching down my Cheerios my wife asked, “what have you got planned for today”? I replied, smiling, “lunch with Carolyn McCall – CEO of Easyjet!” “Oh wow”, she gleefully responded. How often could I ever … Continue reading

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Merlin Lecture with Robert Senior- by Masha Voskresenskaia

Yesterday I attended my first Merlin lecture for 2011 where Robert Senior, European CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi Fallon Group, addressed a full auditorium of young professionals in the marketing arena working for customer and client side. The afternoon was … Continue reading

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